Green Panda

GREEN PANDA: (chlorotica pooya) DIET: Primarily bamboo, but also bass, samples, fruit, honey, beats and grasses. SOCIAL BEHAVIOR: Green Panda is a fregarious animal, but also needs time for solitary absorption. Greens Panda is primarily a nocturnal animal and spends most of the day resting. It's supple and a skillful climber. DID YOU KNOW THAT: Green Panda is working on his debutalbum feat. Alice Carreri Pardeilhan (Lulu Rouge) among others. Green Pandas song "come into my arms" has been remixed by Spejderrobot. Green Panda can jump up to 1,5m when jumping from branch to branch. Green Panda composed the music for the prizewinning doumentary: "XY-Anatomy Of A Boy". Green Panda can in the summertime be spotted in the shady areas of Christianshavn in Copenhagen.


Genre: Electronic, Rock, Techno

Band members:

  • Green Panda aka Martin Pedersen - laptop and keys
  • Jón Leisin - Drums and electronic drumpad
  • Jonas Bruun - Bass
  • Flemming Danielsen: Guitar

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