When is it possible to send a video to a competition?

Every video in the Garage Countdown service attend automatically new competitions. You can send your band's video at any time. A video can be sent if the competition has started. It's always worth trying.

How do you vote a video?

You'll have to sign up to vote. You vote videos by clicking the 'thumb up' or 'thumb down' icon. At your country site, you'll have 10 votes to spend per week.

Only the Top 10 videos from each country will get access to the GC World site. At the GC World, you use separate GC World votes to choose the winner.

Does my Band need to send its music video to several countries?

No it does not. It's enough for your band to upload its music video only to one country. The week's Top 10 from each country attend automatically GC World competitions, when they start. GC World competitions have not yet started.

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