VIDEO UPLOAD -instructions

The music video you are sending has to be in mpeg2-format and can not exceed the size of 300 MB.

To make sure that your video will look great on TV too, it should be send in PAL format (framerate 25fps) resolution 720 x 576 pixels. Image aspect ratio should be 16/9 or 4/3.

Video Conversion Instructions with WinFF Application

Download application from

Select version that is suitable for your operating system. Recommended version for Windows is MS Windows Installer (Latest Version)

Install application once it has been downloaded. Follow instructions given by application installer.

Launch WinFF application.

Add original video file using Add-button. Note: Original video file should not be located in directory containing scandic characters (like ä, ö and å).

Select following settings from Output Details:

Convert To … : DVD
Device Preset: PAL DVD HQ Widescreen/Fullscreen (Depending if video is 16:9 (Widescreen) or 4:3 (Fullscreen) aspect ratio).
Output Folder: Note: Output folder should not contain scandic characters (like ä, ö and å). It is recommended to use same folder as original video.

Once settings are done click Convert and wait until program finishes. Output folder contains now new MPEG file ready for upload.

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More information about sending videos from address

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